Dlo pwop se lavi — bwe dlo pwop


Clean Water Is Life — Drink Clean Water


Financial Report — July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016



Our income during the year was $73,795.62.  Donations and the January Fundraiser Evening raised $46,295.62 and the Haiti Mission Connection (HMC) loaned us $27,500 for the purpose of purchasing a truck.  We are paying back HMC by providing filters in Bodarie, which are installed by their technician who was trained by us.

The expenditures for each focus are were:




 $      9,351.05


 $    15,466.23


 $    59,960.79


 $    84,778.07






Water Program expenditures included the purchase of the truck for $27,500.  As June 30, 2016, the outstanding loan balance with HMC was $56,750.

Ninety percent of our expenditures are spent in Haiti for salaries and materials.  Approximately 2% is spent for administrative fees such as legal and fundraising activities.  Travel to Haiti by US team members is funded entirely by the travel team and as is approximately 8% of the expenditures.


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