Dlo pwop se lavi — bwe dlo pwop


Clean Water Is Life — Drink Clean Water


During 2015 we were very happy to move to move to our new production facility in Jacmel.  Shortly thereafter we added a truck for filter transport.  Both of these improvements were made possible by our partner, Haiti Mission Connection, Peoria, Illinois.  HMC is working with the Bodarie community, also in the Southeast Department, on water and medical issues.    Their technicians received training from us in the summer and are installing up to 30 filters per month, that are produced by us in Jacmel.


During a February visit by US HHH members and St. Louis Rotary members, we’ve begun to support a possible water system project in Lavanau (the location of our school at Savanette).  The existing water system was surveyed by HHH in 2009, but at that time this water supply issue was put on the back burner because of the large investment needed.  We will be helping pursue a Rotary Global grant to move the project forward.


We are currently installing filters in Lamontage area.  The community groups in this area are very supportive and excited with the biosand filters.  In addition, we identified water supply as an issue.  Some rainfall harvesting systems were installed after the earthquake, but now need repair.  Many other homes do not have systems.  During 2016 we plan to provide additional technical and financial resources to assist people to install rainfall systems. 

New Truck and Facility

Team with new steel-toed shoes

Community meeting in Lacroix, Lamontagne

Crew and family with filter installed in Terra Rouge, Lamontagne.

Looking back towards Jacmel as we enter Lamontagne.

Graduation from our Water Technician Training Class